Xigmatek Gigas Cube Case

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Xigmatek Gigas Cube Case Review

Xigmatek Gigas Cube Case

This is my review of the Xigmatek Gigas cube case.

This is actually the first custom PC build I'd ever done. I've just been buying laptops in recent years, so my desktop knowledge was from a long time ago and I certainly had no experience in building a PC from components, so my expertise in PC building is limited at this point.

Xigmatek Gigas Box

However, it take a while to choose my case, and eventually I stumbled upon the Xigmatek Gigas, the main draw being the smaller form factor than a desktop, however been large enough to offer potential water cooling facilities. This is all new stuff to me, and quite fascinating it is.

Xigmatek Gigas With Included Parts

The Gigas case comes with plenty of options for installing multiple 2.5, 3.5 and 5.25 inch drive bays. 2 front external 5.25 inch bays means I can mount a DVD/BluRay drive and an additional bay, which I haven't decided upon yet, but could be a card reader or possibly a fan controller. The 3.5 slots have rubber anti-vibration insulation to help remove noisy vibrating drives.

Xigmatek Gigas Front Xigmatek Gigas Rear

The case is black and made with an aluminium brushed finish, which looks quite smart. The front grill is in the shape of an X, which looks pretty cool. It's 32.2cm high, 27.8cm wide and 39.6cm from front to back. The back has 4 expansion slots. The case has 2 front and 2 rear fans, each 120mm and they seem pretty quiet so far, though the PC has yet to be cranked up to heavy usage. The power button doesn't feel as nice as I though it would, but I think it's something I'll come to appreciate.

Xigmatek Gigas Internal Xigmatek Gigas Some Internal Bays

The specs detail that the case has room for a video card upto 320mm, and although I haven't got a graphics card yet, there certainly looks like there's space for one that long. Also there's capacity for a '120mm All-In-One water-cooling device' as specified on the website. I almost went for water cooling from day one, but in the end I though I'd go for the stock CPU cooler which comes with the CPU, so I'll be able to compare them, and leave some room for upgrading later on.

Xigmatek Gigas Some Top Logo
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