Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Review

Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Review, a review of my old Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 phone.

I purchased this phone in August 2010, I remember it well. I was in the shop hunting for a Sony Ericsson, when the salesman introduced me to the Samsung Galaxy, which had just come out. I wasn't the only one impressed by this new arrival, I over heard a girl on the phone who said she had gone to the shop to buy an iPhone, but had been sold the Samsung Galaxy as 'it was better'. I've had the phone for about 15 months before I managed to span up a new Windows Mobile with which the Galaxy has been replaced, but that's another story for which you can find the review in this section.

Well what appealed so much about the Samsung Galaxy? Back then Samsung weren't exactly top of the tree with high quality mobile phones, or at least not in my mind anyway. But there was this beauty, it's Super AMOLED display shining through, which really for me was the biggest winner at point of sale, and still is now. The display is beautiful, the colours are bright and powerful. It's almost a shame to say goodbye to it, that display is amazing. It was also a chance to try out the fairly recent (at the time) Google Android operating system, 16GB of built in memory, then usual high end stuff such as touchscreen, GPS, 5MB camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, Maps, ....

The phone was very durable. Not a single scratch on the screen to this date, barely a scratch on the back or sides. Usually my phones are pretty messy by this time, but the materials used here seem to be good enough to fend off scratches 99% of the time. Very impressed.


The text input is a great size once the phone is rotated to get the landscape view, making texting fairly easy, though not perfect like a keyboard can be, but pretty good.

Android Apps

The phone came with plenty of pre-loaded apps including Google Maps, a GMail app, a very good internet browser, some kind of augmented reality app which I didn't really give any decent time too, and several more.

AllShare App

My favourite was the 'AllShare' app, this was just awesome for impressing friends and family. Using the phone's Wifi, and my home Wifi network which was connected with my Sony Wifi enabled TV, one can stream files from the phone to the TV. So with the TV switched on, you can hijack the TV by sending it a series of photos, which stop the TV from showing TV, and begin to flick through the photos I'd sent to it, showing the pics across the TV screen. You can do the same from a Windows 7 machine once it picks up the TV too. Loved it, amazing, will miss it, well done Google.

Android Market

Well there are plenty of Apps, free and paid on the Android App Market. I tried a few. Especially useful for me were apps which provide a light effect my making the screen bright white. Not good enough to replace a torch, but enough indoors when the lights are out for you to find things without having to switch lights on (if they are available).


Overall, I'm very happy with the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000, probably my best phone to date (at time of purchase). 5/5, Samsung seem to really have overhauled themselves from the lower ends of the technology world. Well done to Google too for Android. However my attentions have been turned to Windows Mobile, considering I'm a developer who works on Microsoft technologies.

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