Benq VW2420H Series LED Monitor 24-inch

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Benq VW2420H Series LED Monitor 24-inch Review

This is my review of the Benq VW2420H Series LED Monitor 24-inch.

Benq VW2420H Series LED Monitor 24-inch

I knew I was looking for a 24 inch LED screen on a small budget, with a little bit of slack to get something better than the cheapest.

After doing plenty of browsing, reading reviews on Amazon, again there were such a variety of reviews for each product, and there was no easy choice based on reviews, but one must have had something which pushed me towards this, including the £140 I found it for on one site.

The monitor has an overall nice appearance, it's shiny, thin, has a nice mount which is angled down from the higher back to the lower front with a metallic like circular edge finish. The power button is circular and provides a green (or orange if PC display off) circular illumination which looks appealing. Menu buttons appear underneath the frame near the power button.

Benq VW2420H Series LED Monitor 24-inch Side Angle

It has HDMI, D-Sub and DVI-D sockets, as well as a head phone socket. The screen itself is very light, but when attached to the mount feels more like it's staying on the desk. The overall screen image is bright, though not too bright, and pleasant with a sort of calming glow, almost slightly dim affect. I can turn the contrast up to make it brighter from 50 to 60 on it's menu and it looks even better, albeit a bit bright, so I turn it back to 50, but on contrast 60 it looks really good. There is a slight up and down tilt adjustment available. The corners are rounded, all of the back is shiny black as well, amd feels like a nice addition to the living room.

Some of the features are:

Response Time: 8ms
Colours: 16.7 million
Viewinf Angle: 178'
Power: 40W or 24.1W in Eco mode
Contrast Ratio: 20,000,000:1

Overall quite happy so far with this screen, especially with the price, size and LED requirements I was looking for.

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