Best Playstation PS4 Pro Games for an OLED 4K TV

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Best Playstation PS4 Pro Games for an OLED 4K TV

OLED TVs provide an enhanced visual over LED TVs. Some types of colours are brighter. It makes for a good difference between non OLED and OLED TVs. The Playstation 4, namely the PS4 Pro was built with 4K and HDR support. No doubt the PS5 is going to be even better, but in the meantime the PS4 Pro is a great way to get the most benefit out of your OLED TV.

So in this article, I'm looking to find the best looking games for an OLED TV that give the most vibrant colourful displays, hypnotising, wonderful graphics which demo the best on an OLED.

I've taken videos using my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy and I got quite close to eliminate the background so I've effectively zoomed in, but you'll get an idea.


Resogun is a sideways shooter, a little bit like the old R-Type, but you can also rescue humans from the surface. The visuals on an OLED look fantastic! Colours are exploding onto the screen it's a beauty to behold.

Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7 is a great game, but the difficulty level is a bit high so I'm stuck around level 6 or 7. But, the graphics are amazing! Especially the replay camera which only occurs after a successful mission. The replay camera is like a dream to watch on OLED, the high frame rate makes the picture smooth, those blue skies and clouds on OLED make it look almost like watching Top Gun, it's very close.

Here you can watch my crazy flying in an F14 Tomcat (the jet in Top Gun) as I'm being chased by a bogey! My mobile camera up close to the TV is a little pixelated, but it is showing the replay camera gives which you a good idea, but on a big OLED TV this game really is something.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 continues the advanced graphics introduced in Resident Evil 7. They're incredible, and seeing them in OLED just brings out the best of them.

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