Developer Training and Tools

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Developer Training and Tools

Here we have a series of links to useful training videos and tools.

Training Videos

I really need to keep a track of places where I can watch some free videos which can be useful ways to spend some of your lunchtimes.


Here I'm keeping a handy list of some of my favourite tools I use when developing.

  • KDiff3 KDiff3 - free file comparison tool I've recently discovered and using more and more. Integrates with Subversion and provided 3 way merging.
  • ILSpy ILSpy is a .NET assembly browser and de-compiler. It lets you examine the C# code inside a .dll. It's also free.
  • Expresso Expresso is a free Regular Expression Editor and helps with getting to grips with Regular Expressions.
  • Fiddler Fiddler is a free app which lets you inspect HTTP traffic on your PC, inspect the headers, Requests and Responses and more which helps to understand how HTTP works and how many files each web page request actually results in.
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SolarSystem - Angular JS Demo

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