Convert Negative numbers to Positive numbers

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Convert Negative Numbers to Positive Numbers

Here we'll look at a way of converting negative numbers to positive numbers.

Should you have a number, which happens to be a negative number, eg -5, and you want to convert that number into a positive number, ie 5 (+5), C# provides a method which will convert the number for you.

The Math.Abs() method will perform the conversion for you, it returns what is known as the absolute value of a number, that is the positive value of a number.

In this example, we create an integer called _number and give it a negative value of -5. Then we convert this negative number into a positive number in the integer called _positiveValue by calling the Math.Abs() method and passing the method the negative value.

// return the positive value of a number
int _number = -5;

// _positiveValue will equal 5;
int _positiveValue = Math.Abs(_number);

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