High-Flying - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the High-Flying.co.uk Terms and Conditions.

High-Flying.co.uk is a technology based website which has the overall aim to help push humanity forward in a way which benefits mankind for the better.  Currently in it's early days, High-Flyng.co.uk performs this by offering free coding tips for software developers, including an article on how a person with no software development experience can begin to start programming, see www.High-Flying.co.uk/C-Sharp/Get-C-Sharp.html.

High-Flying.co.uk aims to provide accurate and easy to understand information.  Information will be verified before publishing onto the internet.  Code samples are tested before conversion into web pages.

Whilst High-Flying.co.uk aims to provide accurate information, you agree that High-Flying.co.uk will not be held responsible for any incorrect, or inaccurate information.

Using the High-Flying.co.uk website, you agree that High-Flying.co.uk cannot be held responsible for any event or action or such wise which arises from the use of the High-Flying.co.uk website.

You also agree that by using High-Flying.co.uk, High-Flying.co.uk cannot be held responsible for anything else not already covered in this agreement.

High-Flying.co.uk is a law abiding website, and will endeavour to ensure that it does not break any laws or regulations from which it may or may not be governed by,

High-Flying.co.uk reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without having to give any prior notice, so you should check from time to time for updates should you require them.